company projects

On this page we will explore the various projects that Quiet Software is currently working on, and describe the projects we have already completed in the past.

April 2010 - April 2011

Research & development project for Corning Incorporated of Corning, NY.

Design and develop firmware for the radio-over-fiber project that will provide WiMAX data services to the Taiwan High Speed Rail.

project archive

May 2007 - 2009

Design and implement wireless mesh-networking technology for SignalFire Telemetry of Hudson, MA.

This project used the Texas Instruments/Chipcon CC1110 and CC2410 system-on-a-chip RF transceivers as the basis for mesh-like 900MHz & 2.4GHz wireless networks that provided remote monitoring and control features for emergency lighting systems, monitoring of oil wells in the large oil fields in the Southwestern United States, and monitoring and control of Duncan parking meters.

The digital radios were designed to comply with the FCC Part 15.247 rules for operation in the ISM bands, and supported frequency hopping spread spectrum operation as mandated by the FCC for RF power levels above 1mw.

The network did automatic message routing and could self-heal and adapt to changing RF conditions to ensure robust delivery of the data.

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