Project Archive

June, 2003 to 2007

In association with Venture Technologies of Billerica, MA, Quiet Software worked on the following projects:

Design and implement ARM7 and PIC18 firmware for a commercial-grade exercise treadmill control panel. This project presented a number of challenges: Short time frame: Four months from project kickoff to delivery of the first set of working prototypes. Limited power budget: The panel had almost 900 LED's, with a power supply that could only deliver enough current to illuminate approximately 60 LED's at a time. This was solved by developing high-speed firmware for the PIC18 that switched the LED's on and off 60 times a second, giving the appearance that all 900 LED's were running at the same time.

Develop a new generation of Venture's RFOS wireless technology using the Micrel RF505 900MHz digital wireless transceiver and the Texas Instruments MSP430 microcontroller. Customize that technology for point-to-point communcations applications, and battery-powered data unicast applications.

January, 2004 to 2006

For Nel-Tech Labs of Derry, NH, Quiet Software worked on the following projects:

Investigate and resolve compatibility issues with a new model of CD-ROM drive for the Sonorous product. Optimize the 8051-based firmware to reduce music load time to 1/10th of the original design. Implement Sonocrypt encryption feature.

Design and implement the 8051 firmware for the Messager MP3 product, which is based on the Atmel AT89C51SND1 microprocessor.

Evaluate technology, design and implement the Messager USB product, which is a commercial-grade digital music player that uses standard USB flash memory sticks to store the music. ( This unit is based on USB technology from Cypress Semiconductor.

Enhance and extend the Digital Telink 1250i ATmega-based firmware to be able to play music while new content is being loaded from the Internet. Extend the flash memory driver to support wear levelling. Add playback scheduling features to allow complex playback scheduling of selected MP3 files.

June, 2001

For Affymetrix of Bedford, MA: Enhance the firmware of the GMS417 Arrayer DNA sample slide preparation robot to support new hardware, ultimately leading to the creation of the new GMS427 Arrayer model which offered improved throughput and a more robust mechanical design. The GMS417 is not a current Affymetrix product, but this website gives an overview of the machine:

March, 2000

For Bizland of Burlington, MA: Design and supervise the construction of a co-located Internet Data Center that ultimately supported over 20,000 web hosting customers and 40 megabit-per-second sustained data traffic.